A Seller’s Guide to Home Inspection Benefits

Sellers Home Inspection

Home Sellers Benefits of a Home Inspection A seller’s Guide   Selling your home can be a real challenge. There are so many things you have to do to find a buyer with whom you can agree on the price. And when you have found that person and think you are at the end of […]

What is the Risk of Poly B Piping in Your Home Purchase


Home Inspections Understanding the risks of Poly B Piping in Your Home Purchase When it comes to home purchases, there are many things to consider before signing on the dotted line. One of the most important elements to consider is the plumbing system. In older homes, many of the plumbing systems are made from Poly […]

Infrared Cameras and Moisture meters in the Home Inspection Process

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Infrared Cameras and Moisture Meters in the Home Inspection Process As a home inspector in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, it’s essential to have the right tools to ensure a thorough and accurate inspection. One of the most critical tools in our arsenal is the infrared camera. Infrared cameras, also known as thermal imaging cameras, allow […]

What is a GFCI


Home Inspections What are GFCI plugs & how do they protect us? Home inspections are an important step in the process of buying or selling a home, as they provide a thorough examination of the property and help identify any potential issues or concerns. One aspect of a home inspection that is often overlooked is […]


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How to Prepare for a Home Inspection​  I am writing this list to make it easier for everyone involved in the inspection process to be more efficient.  A home inspection is a non-destructive process, that means we don’t cut anything open or use force, and we only open panels that are required and are safe […]

Pests can take down your power !

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Home Inspections  The Single Component Inspection Did you know that you can call in a home inspector for a single component inspection? This is for when you feel you have trouble in one specific area and do not need the entire home inspection report. The photo above was from a Roofing and Attic Inspection. During […]

Breaking News – April Showers Delayed !

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Due to supply chain issues April Showers in Vancouver have been delayed till May! Make sure those gutters are cleaned out, downspouts attached & discharge water 6′ from the foundation. Water being drained to the foundation puts undue pressure on the foundation walls water proofing (if any) and the perimeter drain system that runs around […]

We always use a moisture meter during home inspection

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Home Inspection ToolsMoisture Meters Moisture meters are an essential tool for home inspectors as they allow them to quickly and accurately determine the moisture content in a variety of building materials. Moisture in building materials can lead to a variety of problems such as mold growth, rot, and structural damage. By using moisture meters, home […]

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