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You can  rely on residential home inspection reports by Next Inspections 

We  cover Burnaby and it’s many great neighbourhoods: 

Metro Town – Brentwood – Burnaby Heights – Willingdon Heights- South Slop – Big Bend

Sullivan Heights – Locdale –  Buckingham Heights – Maywood –  Capital Hill –  Midgate

West Ridge – East Van and more

We provides state of the art home inspection reports with photos , videos and recommendations that are easy to understand and explained onsite then provided electronically. 

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Home Inspection Services

Buyers Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

A home inspection will help you to avoid potentially costly repairs that could otherwise go undetected until they become even more costly. Our home inspection report includes the following: photos, videos , severity and recommendations. This gives you insight into the current condition of the home to give you a clearer understanding the investment you’re making and potential future costs.

Post Purchase Home Inspections

"So you skipped the Home Inspection to make the deal go through!"
No problem we are here to help! A home inspection can be done after closing and before or after possession date. The home inspector's report is delivered the next business day. The benefits are: 1) Ensure the home is family safe. 2) Get a prioritized repair list. 3) Discover any undisclosed issues to report to your realtor and lawyer.

Sellers Pre-Listening Home Inspection

Some homeowners want to make repairs to their house before they put it on the market. The goal to maximize their home value! Using their home inspection report as a baseline reference of what repairs or upgrade to make before listing. Please understand that some buyers may still want to hire their own home inspector even if the seller has already had an home inspection done.

Annual Maintenance Home Inspections for Home Owners & Landlords

A home like a car or truck a needs to have regular maintained. As homes age, the quality of the building and its utilities begin to deteriorate. Our annual maintenance home inspection includes roof, plumbing, electrical, foundation, attic insulation, and building structure. Also customizable for Landlords of Property Managers. Call for more info.

2/5/10 Year Home Warranty Inspection

Do you have a 2-5-10 New Home Warranty Program? If so the home owner can document all deficiencies in writing and report then to the builder, H.P.O. (Homeowner Protection Office) & the Warranty-Provider, before those critical days run out. It takes a Residential Home Inspector who is familiar with all the standards to find the rest and document them.The best time to re-inspect is after you have been living in it but prior to the one year warranty expiring.

Home Inspection Tools: Thermal Imaging & Moisture Meters

An infrared scan finds issues that may not be visible to the naked eye and catch them before they become a major problem.
Our Flir infrared camera, helps us identify moisture, insulation, electrical, HVAC issues, and more.
Our Moisture Meter allows us to tell if moisture is in the walls even behind the tiles.

Your Home Inspector

Hi, I’m Adam

Hiring me as your home inspector, I can guarantee peace of mind, a comprehensive report and excellent satisfaction.

I’ve studied with top home inspection college in Canada, I am Nationally Certified and BC Licensed..

I also have over 15 years experience in home renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, closet systems, windows and doors. 

 Home inspections are a vital part of your buying, selling, or maintaining  a home and I’m here to ensure you get the most out of this event.

Home Inspector near me

Client Reviews

Cameron MacKenzie
Cameron MacKenzie
Adam is knowledgeable, professional and does a great job. Thank you Adam!
John Lombard
John Lombard
Adam did an amazing job. Professional and thorough, and helped me understand things that I wasn't aware of. I can confidently recommend him for your home inspection needs!
Damir Kazulin
Damir Kazulin
I was very impressed with Adam of Next Inspections. He was very professional, communicative, thorough in both the inspection and the inspection report. I highly recommend Adam if you are looking for a home inspection.
Ronak Shingala
Ronak Shingala
I had home inspection from Adam, he is professional inspector and inspected each and every small things in the house. He made sure to provide detailed report to me and not just that but also helped me to understand the report with detailed informations. I am so happy with Adam's work and his communication all the time. Very rare to find the home inspector like Adam. I would refer Adam to anyone who is new to the Canada and looking for trustworthy home inspector.
Nik Honcharuk
Nik Honcharuk
Amazing service! Adam helped me through the purchase of an apartment on the north shore. His outstanding attention to detail gave me the confidence needed to pull the trigger on my first home purchase. He walked me thorough all the current and potential building issues in a way I could understand. I was confident with his inspection and trusted his feedback. Would highly recommend. Thanks again Adam!
Kamal Boparai
Kamal Boparai
Susan Halcrow
Susan Halcrow
We called Adam in for a roofing and attic inspection. During which Adam found a lot of pest damage in the attic (including the afore mentioned deceased critters) which had done serious electrical damage. Following his recommendation we contacted an Electrical Contractor to come in to assess and repair the damage. He stated that it was good that this was found and he was surprised we did not have a fire.
Ultimate Tomato
Ultimate Tomato
Adam was super thorough and found a LOT of problems in the house we were looking at. Almost walked away from it, but instead used his report to negotiate a lower price. Now we have a nicely prioritized list of where to start fixing things. He explained which things should be handled by professionals, and knew a lot of DIY solutions for the smaller issues. Definitely would not buy another property without having Adam check it out first. Brian Burnaby BC
Charles Mousseau
Charles Mousseau
In consideration of a home purchase, we needed a home inspection conducted for the property we had in mind. Turnaround was very quick, the inspection itself was done at a good brisk pace, and the final report was very instructive and will serve as a useful checklist going forward. Would recommend to anyone looking for a home inspection in the Winnipeg area.
Jaimie Ramos
Jaimie Ramos
Adam is a friendly and knowledgeable professional. I required a home inspection with very little notice and he was very accommodating and provided me with the report the same day of inspection. The contractors that were present during the home inspection stated he was thorough. Adam was available to answer all my questions after the home inspection was completed and the report was sent to me via email. I would definitely suggest Adam to family, friends, and first time homeowners.

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