How to Prepare for a Home Inspection​

 I am writing this list to make it easier for everyone involved in the inspection process to be more efficient.

 A home inspection is a non-destructive process, that means we don’t cut anything open or use force, and we only open panels that are required and are safe to access.

Make us a list !

Its a time saver for us if you jot down where certain integral things are in the residence. That allows us to find them quickly – saving everyone time.Home Inspection checklist for sellers

  • Main Water
  • Electrical panel
  • Natural Gas Shut off
  • Sewer Clean out
  • Grading and Surface Drains Clean outs

Access Panels 

  • Make sure any necessary keys are provided
  • Crawl Spaces Hatches – some times access hatches are outside or hatches are in floors. Please make sure there are not items in front of them or stored on top.
  • Attic Access Hatches – sometimes these can be from outside the home, but most often they are in hallways or closets. If they are in closets, please make sure there is room for a person on a ladder. If it is blocked by the top shelf in a closet, or by storage items, please remove them. If we have to move your things we will be as gentle as possible and we will leave them on the closest piece of furniture for you to put away.
  • Storage In Crawl Spaces – we know people need to store things. Please move these items away from the outside walls, as we need to see them, and keep clear access to any equipment we need to inspect (furnaces and water shut off etc).
  • Utility Access Panels – Electricity and Water will need to be accessed – please make sure they are easily accessible.


Cabinets/ Plumbing/ Appliances

  • Cabinets will be tested – doors and runners of cabinets will be inspected.
  • Under sinks – kitchen, bathrooms and laundry – we will be looking at all plumbing connections of all fixtures, taps, showers, drains, and tubs.

Please remove as many items as possible.

  • Appliances – we will be running all appliances so please don’t store anything in your oven or leave laundry in your machines. We will also run the dishwasher, microwave and hood fans.


Please clear any debris like leaves, branches or snow from:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Decks/ Patios
  • Outdoor rooftop spaces 


We need to see as much of the walls as possible, especially outside walls, garages, and walls in basements.

If you have storage along these walls, please move it away from the walls so that a person can walk behind to inspect them.

Windows & Doors

Make sure we will have all keys need to operate and inspect door and window functions and conditions.


  • Fireplaces
  • Ceiling fans
  • Garage doors

Warranty Documentation

If you have done updates  to the home, such as the hot water system, heating and/or cooling, and roofing, please leave warranties and dates of installation for us to view.

Have any questions? 

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