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Home inspector discovers wires chewed in the attic space

Home Inspections 

The Single Component Inspection

Did you know that you can call in a home inspector for a single component inspection?

This is for when you feel you have trouble in one specific area and do not need the entire home inspection report.

The photo above was from a Roofing and Attic Inspection. During the inspection I discovered many points of entry for pest. Inside the attic I could see pathways in the blown in insulation where squirrels had been traveling and nesting. While one of the squirrels was using the place as a Air B&B he decided to chew some nice warm electrical wires, which was his last meal as he was electrocuted and the home owners lost power to half of the master bedroom.

At Next Inspections we offer the following Single Component Inspection:

Roofing & Attic




in addition to our full home inspections for





We serve the the Vancouver Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley.

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